NYS Smart Schools Planning In Action@Pembroke CSD

As the father of two children who are both students at Pembroke Central School District (NY), I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email with a Technology Survey for Pembroke Parents and Guardians.

pembroke_dragonsThe survey, which took less than five minutes to complete, asked questions about the types of internet connections, devices and digital communication practices my family has at home as well as soliciting some general thoughts on potential uses of the district’s $1.1 million allocation from the NYS Smart Schools Bond Act.

As a technology professional actively engaged in the education market, it was satisfying to see Pembroke CSD reaching out to its stakeholders for direct input into how to best spend this one-time NYS-supplied windfall.

From a more personal perspective, the survey was a validation on the evolution of the classroom from my chalkboard-and-eraser days to my kids’ more digitally based experiences. One can only wonder what changes the next ten or 15 years will bring not only to the classroom but everywhere in our lives.

Here’s a link to the Technology Survey for Pembroke Parents and Guardians.

AT-GStone-smAs school districts around NYS start preparing for Smart Schools Investment Planning, I’d like to hear what teachers, technologists and students think are some of the most effective uses of technology in today’s classrooms. What’s your thoughts?

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead.

— Gregg Stone, K–12 Practice Group Manager

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